5 Things To Consider When Setting Boundaries Due to Trauma: Tips From a Trauma Therapist

In the last blog post, we looked at the impact of relational trauma on setting personal boundaries. I gave some tips on assertive communication, a style of communication that leads to healthy boundaries. See the tips here if you missed the blog and begin practicing assertive communication now. This will help you foster boundaries that work for you. Setting boundaries is a skill that can be learned and perfected. In this blog, I offer a step-by-step guide on how to set and maintain boundaries in your life. Trauma Has The Power to Reshape Our Lives Trauma impacts every part of [...]

How Does Relational Trauma Alter Personal Boundaries

Have you experienced relational trauma? If so, you may be struggling with boundary setting. This type of trauma can deeply impact your communication patterns and sense of personal space. If you have experienced relational trauma, learning to communicate assertively and setting healthy boundaries is essential to establishing the sense of safety and well-being you need to heal. In this blog post, we will look at the role personal boundaries play in your life, discuss the impact relational trauma can have on personal boundaries, and take a little dive into what assertive communication looks like. Be sure to look for the [...]

Empath Overwhelm: 3 Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Energy

Do you feel the weight of our world today? I certainly do. The recent years have been fraught with disturbing news. It’s a wonder that collectively as people we are coping. And yet we do. Human beings are resilient. But what if you are an empath? What if you are someone who absorbs the emotions of others and the world today as if they were all your own? How do you take all this on? How do you cope with disheartening news and events? This is the second blog post in a series discussing how empaths can manage all those [...]


Understanding Empathy: How Empaths Can Protect Their Energy

Do you feel the weight of our world today? I do. The recent years have been fraught with disturbing news. A global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, Israel, and Gaza, an increase in and acceptance of systemic racism, a rise in nationalism and fundamentalism, and abortion law. It goes on and on. The divisive nature of our culture in and of itself is enough to cause distress in any one individual. Mass shootings and natural disasters. It’s a wonder that collectively as people we are coping. And yet we do. Human beings are resilient. We are wired to grow, evolve, [...]


Relational Trauma: How Do You Know If Someone Is Gaslighting You?

Gaslighting is a common term in our world today and it’s often misunderstood. Because the term is thrown around carelessly at times, even in jest, it's often dismissed, questioned, and minimized in real cases of emotional abuse. For this reason, it's important to know what gaslighting really is. Gaslighting occurs in conjunction with relational trauma. It's insidious in nature and at the very core causes great confusion for the person being gaslit. The impact on mental health and well-being is profound. Furthermore, because it leaves one feeling fragmented and in a complete state of self-doubt, someone being gaslit will go [...]

8 Places for Introverts to Recharge in Houston, Texas

Do you identify as an introvert? Maybe you enjoy spending time alone, relish your downtime to recharge, enjoy reading a book, or love to stay in and curl up on a Friday night. This doesn’t mean you’re antisocial (let’s make that clear) or that you don’t enjoy being around others. It just means you want more quiet time than most people. You probably love hanging with close friends and family and relish having meaningful conversations and experiences. You even like small gatherings but need downtime after to be ready for the world again. Too many engagements in a row can [...]

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How Do I Know If I Am An Introvert? 9 Signs That Suggest You Just Might Be

Have you felt out of place for most of your life or feel like you are different from everyone else? Do people say that you are quiet or question why you don’t want to go out all the time? If so, you could be an introvert. Let’s look at 9 signs that might indicate that you lean towards introversion. 9 Signs You May Be An Introvert 1. Enjoy Spending Time Alone You love spending time alone. Introverts feel recharged and refreshed after spending time in solitude. You cherish reading a book, going for long walks, or staying in curled up [...]

Are You an Introvert, Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person?

Many people refer to themselves as introverts, empaths, or highly sensitive persons (HSPs). While these three personality types share some similarities, there are also key differences between them. In this post, we’ll look at introversion, empathy, and high sensitivity, discuss what they have in common, and explain how they differ. Whether you identify as an introvert, empath, or a highly sensitive person, or have loved ones who do, this post will shed light on how these temperaments shape personality and relationships. If this is you, understanding these traits and where they come from can go a long way to shifting [...]

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How do you know if you have Spiritual or Religious Trauma?

Spiritual or religious trauma is a type of relational trauma. It stems from living in or being exposed to an environment with rigid religious or spiritual beliefs. This can range from living in an extreme religious cult, an abusive religious setting, a fundamental group that was not aligned with your own core beliefs, or any other controlling and painful religious experience that left you feeling isolated, afraid, and lost. In this blog post, we will take a look at relational trauma. Then, we will take a deeper look at spiritual or religious trauma and how it might impact you. We [...]


What does Depth Therapy for Relational Trauma Look Like?

Have you experienced trauma? Are you stuck and struggling to move beyond what has happened to you? Relational trauma has a way of doing just that - leaving you feeling stuck. Depth therapy, a process that explores the unconscious mind and the depths of the human experience is highly effective for working through relational trauma. The process of depth therapy goes beyond just dealing with surface problems and instead focuses on the complex impact of relational trauma, the root of your wounds, and the core of who you are. In this blog post we will look at what depth therapy [...]

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