Lysle Shaw, LCSW

Hello! I consider the therapeutic relationship a transformational one that offers immense potential for change. Struggles are a part of life but when you begin to unpack your pain with a trusted other you can shift your thoughts and attitudes and begin to foster the ability to better manage the ups and downs of life. You can begin to live the life you dream about.

My own journey in life, therapy, and training as a therapist is eclectic, as I too am an evolving individual. The intersection between ancient wisdom traditions, psychology, and modern science continues to be the seed of my curiosity and the foundation of my research. Each informs the other, illuminating a rich space for a profound therapeutic process. My goal is to continue this personal journey and to help you further yours. As a lifelong learner, I will continue to explore cutting edge theory related to psychotherapy and well being. In doing so, I will bring new life and insight into our work together.

My Approach

We all seek meaning and purpose. We all ponder deep life questions – it’s our human nature. We are in a sense always becoming and always emerging into that unique person we are meant to be. Across our lifespan, we stumble and encounter roadblocks and traumas that paralyze our natural curiosity and movement towards happiness and a full life. Often we are left feeling isolated, anxious, overwhelmed and in need of a safe place to tell our story. We need a comforting place to peel off the mask, delve into the struggle and face the darkness we can no longer bear alone. I offer a space of safety and unconditional acceptance that allows for the kind of trust and alliance essential to self discovery and lasting change.

My approach in all my work, as it gets to the root of issues and to the root of who you are, is a depth approach. Our work together will be grounded in Jung oriented depth psychology, an approach that explores the unconscious while at the same time addresses what is conscious and present in your life. Depth psychotherapy addresses unresolved internal conflicts that inhibit a life of congruency. Our goal is to work towards a space where the hopes and dreams you have for yourself on the inside match the life you are living on the outside. This type of depth work allows for meaningful and lasting shifts that deepen your relationships and ground you in the abundant life you want to live.

I integrate body based therapies to help you tap into the inherent wisdom of your psyche and central nervous system – essential for growth and healing. Neuroscience emphasizes the importance of the body-mind connection in healing. My approach combines deep exploration of the psyche and intentional attunement to your body and nervous system. An approach that encompasses body based therapies, knowledge from neuroscience, and a deep dive into the psyche is empowering and transformative.

We may use attachment theory to help you better understand your patterns within relationships. Along the way we may use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to address specific maladaptive thoughts and fears that hold you back from taking action or aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to better manage mood regulation. People seek therapy for many reasons; my goal is to meet you where you are.

Depth therapy gets to the root of trauma, relational issues, emotional regulation, and personality questioning. While depth therapy does reduce symptoms associated with a person’s struggle, the goal is to seek long lasting change that can only come from taking a deep look inside ourselves. Depth therapy gets to the root of who you are and from this authentic space you can manage your life with greater ease; you can begin to create the life you imagine.

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University of Houston, MA, Clinical Social Work
University of Texas, BA, International Business and Art History


Relationship Issues
Existential and Spiritual Exploration

Professional Membership

NASW – National Association of Social Workers
Austin Psychoanalytic Society
Austin In Connection
American Psychological Association, Div 39

Professional Training and Development

Jungian Oriented Psychotherapy, Depth Psychology
Dream Tending
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Mindfulness and Meditation
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
AEDP, Accelerated, Experiential, Dynamic Psychotherapy
DEEP, Deep Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy
CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
TF-CBT Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Health Coach Certification
Theology and Ethics
Clinical Psychology