Do you feel the weight of our world today? I certainly do. The recent years have been fraught with disturbing news. It’s a wonder that collectively as people we are coping. And yet we do. Human beings are resilient. But what if you are an empath? What if you are someone who absorbs the emotions of others and the world today as if they were all your own? How do you take all this on? How do you cope with disheartening news and events? This is the second blog post in a series discussing how empaths can manage all those emotions they take on and in. I’ll talk about some strategies to help you engage with the world using your extraordinary gift of empathy in a way that energizes you.

Empaths take on other people’s emotions (both positive and negative), absorbing the emotions as their own. And, it’s not just emotions. Empaths can feel the physical pain of others too. Furthermore, empaths can take on the emotions of others by reading a news article, hearing a news story, or seeing a photo. In the first blog, I invited you to take a digital/news pause, a detox. If you missed the blog you might want to read it now.

Already read the first blog? Were you able to detox? It’s a challenging task for an empath. Reflect on your experience and read on. Here, we will look at what you do after the detox. What does it mean to step back into the news and media world with intention? After all, the world of today needs your capacity for deep empathy. Three action steps can help you protect your energy so you can show up as the loving and caring empath that you are. Let go. Set Boundaries. Ground Yourself.

Let Go

One of the most significant challenges for empaths is the difficulty in letting go of the emotions they absorb. Even joyful or positive experiences can be draining if they involve a high degree of emotional intensity. Do you have a way of consciously letting go of that which you absorb at the end of the day? If not, what might work for you? A quiet walk outside, journaling, a short yoga flow, or a series of breathwork? What will help you release the emotions from the day? Maybe it’s your favorite show that makes you laugh. Maybe it’s a connection with a loved one that meets your energy rather than a person who drains it. One that reminds you that life can also be fun and light. Take a moment to consider how you can Let Go of the emotions that are not yours so you have the space to take care of yourself.

Set Boundaries

Once you have determined how you can Let Go you will need to figure out what and who you need to let go of. You will need to Set Boundaries with yourself and others. Understanding and maintaining personal boundaries is critical. This can be a challenging aspect of an empath’s life. As an empath you likely want to help all those that come your way. You are probably the go-to for many of your friends and family. You may even be involved in an abundance of meaningful volunteer or work-related activities that require intense energy. Learning to say ‘no’ when necessary is a skill that empaths must cultivate to protect their energy and well-being. Know that it’s okay to be selective about what you take in, who you help, what you read, and what you watch. Ask yourself, where do I need to step back? Who do I let drain me? Is my social media content full of current events? Is Instagram dragging me down? Do I have to begin and end my day with the news? If you haven’t taken a media/news detox this might be the time. Taking a break from your news sources, however you take it in, can help you answer some of these questions.

After identifying what you can Let Go of Set those Boundaries. Do the hard thing. Allow and give yourself permission to be selective. Do what you need to do too. This may seem harsh but I like to call it being assertive. In short, being assertive means asking for what you need with respect. Empaths usually struggle with being assertive which leads to taking on and taking in too much. It will be challenging to distance yourself from that friend or volunteer task you know is draining you. And, your mental health is on the line. I encourage you to be assertive and take care of yourself.

Ground Yourself

After figuring out what or who you need to Let Go of and setting the boundaries to support these decisions it’s time to Ground Yourself in your new awareness. If you are an empath who is anxious and overwhelmed you are likely giving away and taking on loads of intense emotion unconsciously. Letting go, setting boundaries, and grounding yourself are about awareness and conscious living so you can show up in the world as the amazing empath that you are. What does grounding yourself look like? It might be similar to the strategies you took to help you Let Go. And now you begin to put them into a daily practice. Perhaps it’s a moment of journaling in the morning before you face the day or maybe it’s engaging in activities that nourish your spirit such as reading, painting, or spending time in nature? It could be developing a practice of mindfulness or meditation. Or finding the support of like-minded others? What sounds good and realistic to you? Grounding usually takes place in solitude and in spaces that offer a sense of calm but others who match your energy can also be grounding. The options are vast and can be tailored to you. Ask yourself, when and where do I feel most comfortable, most like myself? What type of space or activity settles my nervous system? Who and what amps up my nervous system? What would being grounded feel like? What would it feel like in my body? Ask these questions and let the answers and how your body feels guide your daily intentions to honor the empath in you.

Let Go. Set Boundaries. Ground Yourself.

Despite the challenges, deep empathy is an extraordinary trait. The ability to deeply connect with others fosters compassion, understanding, and the capacity to bring healing to our greater world and those who are hurting. Embracing your empathic nature is vital to living a grounded and balanced life. Try the detox and then Let Go. Set Boundaries. Ground Yourself. If you still struggle, seek therapy. It can be helpful. My approach is grounded in Jung-oriented depth psychology. Depth therapy is inherently effective for an empath. Empaths are naturally deep feelers and thinkers. In a way, it’s as if depth therapy was made for an empath.

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