Our deepest human need is to feel a sense of belonging, to feel that we are connected, to feel that we matter.

In a culture where independence and making it on one’s own is a sign of great success it can be challenging to embrace the idea that our optimum health relies on a core need for connection. Studies show over and over again that the quality of our relationships directly impacts our physical and mental health in the short and long-term. Much of the emotional wounding and trauma we experience comes from the relationships in our lives, so it makes sense that the experience of a new and healthy relationship would create space for healing. This is what psychotherapy is all about – a safe relational space for you to heal and grow beyond your struggles.

A quality therapeutic relationship can help you deepen your connection with yourself and others. Research in the effectiveness of psychotherapy supports this statement and findings in the area of neuroscience back it up. Psychotherapy works. A safe relational space offers the ingredients necessary for real change – change that comes from rewiring and reshaping your brain and autonomic nervous system. We will use this knowledge to help you understand the process of change while at the same time doing the deep work that gets to the heart of the matter, the very core of who you are.

My approach in all my work, as it gets to the root of issues and to the root of who you are, is a depth approach. Our work together will be grounded in Jung oriented depth psychology, an approach that explores the unconscious while at the same time addresses what is conscious and present in your life. Depth psychotherapy addresses unresolved internal conflicts that inhibit a life of congruency. Our goal is to work towards a space where the hopes and dreams you have for yourself on the inside match the life you are living on the outside. This type of depth work allows for meaningful and lasting shifts that deepen your relationships and ground you in the abundant life you want to live.

I integrate body based therapies to help you tap into the inherent wisdom of your psyche and central nervous system – essential for growth and healing. My approach combines deep exploration of the psyche and intentional attunement to your body and nervous system. An approach that encompasses body based therapies, knowledge from neuroscience, and a deep dive into the psyche is empowering and transformative.

My training and personal journey includes working with dreams. Dreams are full of symbolic meaning and imagery that are rich with potential. Many clients who are drawn to depth work find dream work a creative process that urges them on to deeper growth. Dream work is a fascinating way to get to the root and heart of what is happening within. We can build a practice of working with your dreams to help you dive deeper and closer to your truest self.

Meditation, journaling, or walk and talk therapy is always an option within the depth framework. We may draw on literature, philosophy, mythology, and the arts as a way to access your deepest self. The depth approach has an interdisciplinary aspect to it. Each of these experiences adds a dimension that fosters connection not only to yourself but to others and the world around you.

Depth therapy gets to the root of trauma, relational issues, emotional regulation, and personality questioning. While depth therapy does reduce symptoms associated with a person’s struggle, the goal is to seek long lasting change that can only come from taking a deep look inside ourselves. Depth work can be challenging at times, it can also be creative and fun! Healing and learning how to be you out there in the world is the gift psychotherapy can bring to you. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of depth work and self-discovery and think we may be a good fit, reach out for a phone consultation. I would be honored to work with you.

Today’s modern neuroscience helps us understand why psychotherapy works. The short of it – our brain is not hard wired. It is flexible and malleable and has the miraculous ability to shift and change throughout life. Meaningful and new experiences, movement, and finding a way to focus our attention in this very distractible life are ways we can rewire our brain. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for a new relational experience and the type of attuned focus that supports this natural adaptation and deep change.