Are you Struggling in your Relationships?

  • Perhaps you feel isolated or alone? You long to be seen and heard?
  • Struggle to make friends? Maintain relationships?
  • You struggle with intimacy issues, emotional or physical?
  • Maybe abuse or aggression is a part of your relationship?
  • Perhaps you want to improve your communication skills? Be more vulnerable?

You don’t have to disconnect, withdraw, or face your struggle alone. Addressing your relationship challenges in individual therapy can go a long way towards deepening your relationships with others. Our deepest human need is to feel a sense of belonging, to feel that we are connected, to feel that we matter. Human beings are wired for connection. We are relational beings – it’s our true nature. Relationships not only matter; they are key to our well-being.

In a culture where independence and making it on one’s own is a sign of great success it can be challenging to embrace the idea that our optimum health relies on this core need for connection. Studies show over and over again that the quality of our relationships directly impacts our physical and mental health in the short and long term.

Relationships can be the Greatest Source of Joy, Support, and Fulfillment

But, let’s face it, they can also be a source of stress, conflict, and emotional turmoil. Whether you are struggling with romantic partnerships, family dynamics, friendships, or co-workers, understand the profound impact this has on your day-to-day life.

Individual therapy for relationship issues offers a valuable opportunity for the kind of self-discovery and personal growth that leads to improvement in your interpersonal connections. Individual therapy is often associated with addressing personal issues, such as anxiety, depression, or trauma. However, it can also be a powerful tool for improving your relationships.

People are in relationships of all types and each person has a slightly different set of reasons for choosing individual therapy to improve the quality of their relationships.

Some of the common reasons someone might come to Lysle Shaw Psychotherapy include:

A woman sits on a swing set on the beach with the sun setting alone. Looking to improve your relationships? Individual therapy for relationship issues in Austin, TX can help you understand your relationships better. Speak with a relationship issues therapist in Texas today!

  • Trust issues related to past experiences
  • Attachment issues (seeking the same type of partner or friend over and over again)
  • Navigating the end of a relationship
  • Processing infidelity and unfaithfulness
  • Intimacy issues, physical or emotional
  • Betrayal in friendship
  • Self-discovery to bring about more confidence
  • Desire to master emotional regulation/triggers
  • Partner, friend, family member will not attend joint therapy

I understand what it feels like to struggle in a relationship. You feel isolated, anxious, overwhelmed, and in need of a safe place to tell your story; a comforting place to peel off the mask, delve into the struggle, and face the darkness you can no longer bear alone. You want to feel seen and heard. As a relational therapist, I offer a space of safety and unconditional acceptance that allows for the kind of trust and alliance essential to self-discovery and lasting change that will not only help you grow but that will improve and deepen your relationships. Time and again, I witness clients go from a state of aloneness and disconnection to creating a life full of the meaningful relationships they desire. While this is a process and does take time, the rewards abound – deep, meaningful, and authentic relationships that nurture you and fit who you are.

What does Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues Look Like?

Relationships are complex. Even the strongest connections can encounter hurdles. Considering individual therapy for relationship issues as a solution might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, delving into personal growth and self-awareness through individual therapy can provide remarkable benefits for resolving relationship concerns. I offer a depth approach to help you navigate your relationships with more clarity, intention, and confidence. What does a depth approach approach mean?

Depth Work Allows for Meaningful and Lasting Shifts

Our work together will be grounded in Jung-oriented depth psychology, an approach that explores the unconscious while at the same time addresses what is conscious and present in your life. This invites a deep inner process that brings about greater consciousness, a richer understanding of the self, and a movement towards integration of all parts of the self. Depth psychotherapy addresses unresolved internal conflicts that may be contributing to your relationship struggles. This process can help you identify and understand your emotional triggers, unconscious defense mechanisms, and maladaptive patterns of thinking and behavior that affect the quality of your relationships. With newfound awareness and intention, you can begin to navigate your relationships with confidence. The bottom line, depth work allows for meaningful and lasting shifts within you. These shifts in you can profoundly impact the quality of your relationships.

Healing and learning how to be you out there in the world is the gift psychotherapy can bring to you and your relationships. I have seen it work. Whether a client comes in to strengthen a relationship, navigate the end of a relationship, or perhaps improve or leave a negative work situation, this type of depth work brings the confidence and clarity necessary for navigating healthy relationships or making the hard decision to let go and forge on.

My Aproach is Relational, Collaborative, and Holistic

A woman counsels a man while they are sitting. Trying to understand the relationships you have better to improve them? Individual therapy for relationship issues in Austin, TX might be right for you. Speak with a relationship therapist in Texas to learn more.

I integrate body-based therapies to help you tap into the inherent wisdom of your psyche and central nervous system – essential for growth and healing. Neuroscience emphasizes the importance of the body-mind connection in healing. My approach combines deep exploration of the psyche and intentional attunement to your body and nervous system. An approach that encompasses body-based therapies, knowledge from neuroscience, and a deep dive into the psyche is empowering and transformative.

We may use attachment theory to help you better understand your patterns within relationships. Along the way, we may use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to address specific maladaptive thoughts and fears that hold you back from taking action or aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to better manage mood regulation and develop new coping skills. People seek therapy to improve their relationships for many reasons; my goal is to meet you where you are.

What keeps you from seeking therapy to improve your relationships?

Many believe that only couples or joint counseling works to address interpersonal struggles. I get that. But, what we know is that change in one person can profoundly impact the health of a relationship. I have seen profound shifts in relationships when one person does the deep work psychotherapy offers. By investing in your own personal growth and self-awareness, you’re taking proactive steps towards fostering healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Begin Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues in Austin, Houston and throughout Texas

Remember, relationships don’t just matter, research shows they are key to our well-being! Processing your own patterns, emotions, triggers, behaviors, and family history can be a powerful way to reclaim your life and your relationship. Couples or joint counseling is not always an option for various reasons. As a relationship therapist, I offer life changing individual counseling for those who are struggling with a relationship, whether that be with a partner, parent, child, friend, or coworker. If you think we may be a good fit reach out to schedule a free consultation.

Other Therapy Services Offered at Lysle Shaw Psychotherapy in Austin, Houston, and throughout Texas

I offer more than just individual therapy for relationship issues. Specialties include online therapy, walk and talk therapy, trauma therapy, therapy for introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive persons, and Jungian dreamwork. Visit Lysle Shaw Psychotherapy today to take the first step towards a more fulfilling and healthier life.