Depth therapy, a form of psychotherapy that delves into the underlying causes of emotional and psychological challenges is transformative. Going deep allows you to unpack layers of defense that prevent you from living a full and expansive life. This type of therapy dives deep to uncover hidden or unresolved conflicts that might be contributing to your current challenges.

I can help you get to the root of your pain so you can begin to understand and grow beyond it. My approach combines deep exploration of the psyche and intentional attunement to your body and nervous system. In this blog, we’ll delve into what online depth therapy looks like while also looking at how individuals can engage in profound healing within the digital space.

8 Aspects of Depth Therapy

Exploration of the Unconscious

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Depth therapy places a significant emphasis on the unconscious mind which contains thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences that may not be readily accessible to conscious awareness. The goal is to bring these unconscious elements to light for better understanding. When you find yourself acting in a way that surprises you, it is very possible that your unconscious has control. Carl Jung, psychoanalyst and pioneer of modern depth psychology says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Historical and Childhood Influences

This approach often involves exploring early childhood experiences and relationships, as they can shape an individual’s beliefs, behaviors, and emotional responses later in life. This intentional exploration doesn’t just dwell in the past; it serves as a compass guiding the transformative process. By illuminating the origins of our patterns depth therapy provides a sacred space for healing and growth.

Symbolism and Metaphor

Depth psychotherapy recognizes the importance of symbols, metaphors, and dreams in understanding the unconscious. We can work together to interpret these symbolic elements to gain insights into your inner world. Dream work is a fascinating way to get to the root and heart of what is happening within. They are full of your innate inner wisdom and can work as a guide to help you better navigate life.


Depth therapy helps facilitate self-awareness and self-integration. We all have many parts within ourselves; we are not “mono-minds” as Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., creator of Internal Family Systems, espouses. We have protective parts, loving parts, critical parts, and on and on . . . some we are aware of and some we are not. By getting curious and working towards an understanding and integrating of the various parts of the self you can achieve a more authentic and balanced sense of identity. A cohesive sense of yourself and your place in the world is key to making sense and meaning in your life. After each session you’ll have the opportunity to integrate and process the insights gained. I might encourage journaling, creative expression, or mindfulness practices to further explore and integrate newfound aspects of yourself.

Gradual Unfolding of Healing

Depth therapy often takes place over an extended period. It allows for a thorough exploration of your inner world and the gradual unraveling of complex psychological dynamics. It is gradual, not a quick fix, but also transformative. As you engage in regular online sessions you’ll notice shifts in your awareness, emotional responses, and patterns of behavior.

Spiritual and Existential Exploration

Online psychotherapy may also touch on existential and spiritual themes. This helps you explore questions of meaning, purpose, and connection to something greater than yourself. This is where you get to be curious and grapple with some of the bigger questions of life like, Who am I now? What do I really believe in? Where do I want to take my life next? Am I happy? We sometimes forget that we are the curators of our life. Depth therapy is an opportunity to connect with the inner wisdom of your higher self and explore your deepest hopes and dreams.

The Body-Mind Connection

A woman sits down to do yoga on a mat inside with her cat beside her. Looking to learn more about depth psychotherapy in Texas? Our online psychotherapist can help you understand with depth therapy in Austin, TX. I integrate body-based therapies to help tap into the inherent wisdom of your psyche and central nervous system. This is essential for growth and healing. Neuroscience emphasizes the importance of the body-mind connection in healing.

Body-based therapies recognize the profound connection between bodily sensations, emotions, and psychological well-being. This approach recognizes that the body stores memories, traumas, and unexpressed emotions. In our online sessions, we can use techniques to help you gain more awareness of what is happening on a physical level so you can begin to learn how to calibrate your nervous system. As you become more familiar with sensations that alert you to triggers you can begin to learn how to go into your body and restore yourself to a place of calm.

The synergy between deep psychotherapeutic work and body-based therapy is evident in their shared focus on integration. Depth psychotherapy works with the unconscious parts of our psyche and uncovers the emotional roots of psychological challenges while body-based therapy acknowledges the body’s role in holding and expressing these emotions. Integrating these approaches allows you to engage in holistic healing that addresses both conscious and unconscious aspects of your experience. I find that an online approach that encompasses body-based therapies, knowledge from neuroscience, and a deep dive into the psyche is empowering and transformative.

Ready to go Deep with Depth Therapy in Texas?

Depth psychotherapy can be beneficial for individuals who are looking for a deeper understanding of themselves, seeking to address long-standing patterns, or dealing with complex emotional issues. Online therapy offers a unique and effective pathway to profound healing by combining the principles of depth psychology with the convenience of digital technology. Through my HIPPA-compliant platform, you can engage in deep and introspective work. You can embark on a therapeutic journey that leads to self-discovery, insight, and lasting transformation, all within the comfort and privacy of your home or chosen setting. To begin online depth therapy follow the steps below:

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Here at Lysle Shaw Psychotherapy, I offer a variety of other specialties besides depth work. This includes trauma therapy, relationship therapy, and Jungian dreamwork. Not interested in online therapy in Austin? I also provide walk and talk psychotherapy. Reach out today to begin the journey of self-discovery and growth.

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